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Early Care and Education Seminars

 by Julie Wassom


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Some of Julie's Half-Day and Full-Day Workshops

*NEW* Marketing 911 – Fast Help When You Need It Most

This seminar is like calling a marketing ambulance to the rescue. Learn five ways to get your center’s business on track with marketing for short-term results in generating and qualifying inquiries. Add five more marketing initiatives that will put you on a path to longer term success with building your unique brand, taking full advantage of “pull” and “push” marketing opportunities, and using techniques that work to draw qualified enrollment prospects to your center or home child care program. Whether you are a new or veteran director, this training will help you stay alive and thrive!


How to Be Bullish on Marketing Child Care in a Challenging Economy

How do you market your center, maintain high enrollment, and continue to provide high quality care at an affordable fee when the economy is stressed, your overhead is increasing, and tighter budgets are causing some families to seek alternative forms of child care? This seminar reveals the five marketing directives that will help you emerge as a leader in a challenging economy. Learn practical, must-do actions to target qualified prospects, build solid positioning, increase your perceived value and generate more inquiries while still staying within your marketing budget. If you want to increase your enrollment opportunities regardless of economic conditions, attend this seminar!


Basic Techniques for Increasing Enrollment

A comprehensive program packed full of skills and proven techniques to help directors become more successful at generating more inquiries, converting telephone calls into center visits and visits into enrollments. Participants learn a proven formula for handling objections, and secrets to closing with comfort and success. This program also includes segments on prospect follow up and managing the enrollment building process. Participants leave with a tool kit of techniques to use immediately. This is a full day seminar with a half-day follow-up session.


Magnet Marketing - Drawing Prospects to Your Center Until They Enroll

This seminar gives participants a unique overview of the marketing strategies and tactics necessary to create the image they want for their child care services. They learn how to cost-effectively "mix" marketing activities, create powerful center marketing pieces, make community marketing easier, and communicate persuasively with today's child care buyers.


The Five Non-Negotiable Conversion Skills for Increasing Enrollment

What are the five skills every successful director must practice to convert enrollment and maximize revenue for the center? Participants learn which skills are critical, proven methods for making them work, secrets for converting more prospect calls and visits to enrollment, and how to involve staff in using them, too. Armed with skill in these five areas, directors who want to increase enrollment will do so.


Customer Retention- Creating Long Term Customers and Lifetime Referrals

Did you know… the vast majority of dissatisfied customers just quietly go away, often at a serious financial loss to those centers whose directors and staff don’t know how to retain them? In this seminar, participants learn why customers quit, keys to keeping them happy without going crazy in the process, and how to turn parents and staff into partners in maintaining existing customers and increasing enrollment from their referrals. Includes two critical questions to ask your customers, a proven formula for handling customer complaints, and customer attention techniques that help retain customers, increase referrals, and create premiere customer service. If you want to reduce your withdrawal rate, this seminar is a must!


Website Marketing Made Easy

Is the internet the preferred highway to your center? Definitely. More and more, your prospects are visiting websites as they search for the best early care and education choice for their family. What impression does your website give your prospects about your center and its services? How could it more effectively help you market your intended image and entice prospects to call for a center visit? How can you make it a business tool in addition to an advertising and educational tool? Get answers to these and other questions about website marketing as this program highlights the advice of internet marketing experts.


Connecting With Your Community

Though most center directors recognize the value of marketing their services to the communities surrounding their centers, it rarely gets done. Time and discomfort with marketing to prospects and referral sources outside the center gets in the way. This seminar helps directors know how to comfortably and confidently connect with their communities. Participants learn seven ways to make community marketing easier, effective methods of taking their message to the community from inside and outside the center, and a proven system for partnering with other directors to make community marketing visits.


Making Good Publicity Work Marketing Magic

This seminar explores the specifics of public relations activities that will enhance a center's public image while cost-efficiently extending its marketing efforts. Participants learn how to establish a media plan, tools for reaching target audiences through the media, and how to cultivate good media relations. This program includes select techniques such as how to write a news release, how to submit photos for publication, and how to meet the press. Participants also learn methods for using their good publicity to expand the reach and frequency of their marketing message.


Does Your Telephone Connect to Enrollment?

For many enrollment prospects, the impression you make on an inquiry call determines whether the enrollment process stops there or becomes a center visit. This is an information-packed workshop full of telephone techniques that work to convert telephone inquiries into center visits. Participants learn a proven formula for handling objections, and secrets to closing with comfort and success.


Making Your Staff Your Marketing Partners

Your staff has the power to bring enrollments to you and keep them as loyal customers, or to drive them away into the waiting arms of your competitors.  This idea-rich program shows center directors and managers how to build and nurture an effective marketing partnership with teachers and other center staff.  Participants will techniques for enlisting the help of staff in marketing the center and securing enrollment, and how to engage staff teams in "parent attention" techniques beyond the enrollment that lead to customer satisfaction, retention, and referral.


Managers as Enrollment Coaches

Do your managers possess and practice the critical skills necessary to make them good enrollment coaches for the center directors and assistant directors in their charge?  This seminar addresses the managerial skills of assessing enrollment building performance, pinpointing effective and ineffective behaviors, and providing feedback that is well-received, accepted, and put into practice in their centers.  Effective use of these tools transfers beyond marketing into other areas of management responsibilities.  Best suited for multi-unit managers.


Keynote Address


The Power of the Dream That Brings Us Here

An inspiring motivational message that empowers the audience to identify, believe in, and achieve their professional and personal goals and passions. Listeners learn life-enhancing skills and hear moving stories of familiar people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to accomplish their dreams.


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Julie’s Five-Month Teleclasses

Twice a year, Julie conducts a five-session, once-a-month TeleClass for child care owners, directors, and managers who are serious about filling their schools and retaining maximum capacity utlization. This course is NOT for directors or managers who are faint of heart. This course is about one thing and one thing only ……maximizing the revenue your early care and education business generates.

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